P&A Interpreters is a professional translation agency with a difference. For us translation isn't just about texts, documents and foreign languages - it's about translating our clients' business goals into success. We provide top quality translation services in a wide range of languages at reasonable prices.

What type of translations do we deliver?

Official certified translations accepted by the Greek public administration authorities (according to Presidential Decree 169 of 17 June 2002 (Greek Official Gazette 156/2.7.02)

- Our specialties: :

  • Legal texts: lawsuits, contracts, briefs, notary public acts, open calls, powers of attorney, rulings
  • Financial and banking texts: rural economy, shipping, transactions, financial reports, balance sheets, financial statements
  • Business administration: scientific manuals on the management of tourist, commercial, construction businesses, banks
  • Scientific-technical texts: technical and scientific works, university publications, school books, reports, offers, technical manuals, technical reports, feasibility studies etc.
  • Medical and pharmacological texts: clinical tests, medical reports, medical announcements, instructions of use of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, prescriptions, clinical trials etc.
  • • Literary translation
  • • Websites
  • • General texts: commercial correspondence, articles, business correspondence
  • Transcription and translation of the minutes of your conference

How is the best possible outcome achieved?

  • Text evaluation in terms of volume, terminology and date of delivery
  • Cost assessment depending on the difficulty and size of the document
  • Assignment of the project to the most suitable translator (taking into account the nature of the text, language combination and level of difficulty).
  • Translation
  • Proofreading (by an expert translator in the specific field) and final check
  • Punctual delivery strictly within the deadline agreed

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