Consultation services

P&A Interpreters undertakes:

putting together teams of qualified interpreters for your conference in Greece and also abroad. Thanks to our different sources, such as the directories of Associations of Conference Interpreters but also the personal long-standing contacts we have developed over the years P&A Interpreters can compose the right team for your needs.  

– providing guidance and advice about the type of interpretation that is most suitable for your conference (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered) 

liaising between conference organisers and interpreters. 

advising on the equipment required for simultaneous interpreting or video conferences and where to source it; if you wish we can of course book the equipment for you. 

tackling all practical and administrative details, including cost estimate and contracts with interpreters.

At the end of the event:

Your comments and feedback are recorded. Our clients’ on-going assessment helps us become better.

The ultimate goal of our consultation services is the absolute success of your event at communication level.

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