P&A Interpreters delivers superior quality interpreting services in a wide range of languages through its experienced interpreters.

Our first-class interpretation service deals with all sort of needs including:

  • Ιnternational conferences, meetings, seminars, boards of directors
  • Bilateral meetings, telephone, video conferencing and negotiations
  • Public sector: ministries, public service, police, healthcare and social services
  • Legal interpreting: courts of law, notary public, banks
  • Media: interviews and other TV work
  • Market research

By choosing P&A Interpreters you guarantee the success of your event thanks to our qualified professionals, our multi-year experience, professionalism and specialization.

Unlike those who believe that interpreting cannot be taught, but is a craft to be learnt on the job, our company does not experiment with its clients. We assign interpreting jobs by priority to qualified interpreters, graduates of conference interpreting university faculties or SCIC accredited or otherwise certified. We exclusively collaborate with professionals and assign them an interpreting job according to their specialty and nature of the event. All our interpreters respect the Code of Ethics of the Hellenic Association of Conference Interpreters (SYDISE) and/or the Italian Association of Professional Conference Interpreters (Assointerpreti) and/or the International Association of Conference Interpreters AIIC and/or other renowned international associations of conference interpreters.

We provide interpreters for all types of interpreting services: conference interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered), legal interpreting, liaison interpreting, interpreting in market research, interpreting in video conferences.

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