P&A Interpreters are expert legal interpreters. Legal interpreting is one of the most demanding types of interpreting because it combines conference interpreters’ skills and legal knowledge. It is worth mentioning that the most modern form of conference inetrpreting, simultaneous interpreting, was born during a court trial, the Nuremberg Trials held in 1945. Despite its complicated nature, legal interpreting is quite often practiced by people who just speak the language (also because of the lack of related legislation in Greece). However, some superficial knowledge of the language is not enough for someone to work as a court interpreter, particularly when the acquittal or condemnation of the accused in a court of law depends on efficient interpreting of the questions, answers and depositions.

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P&A Interpreters collaborates with experienced properly trained conference interpreters with legal knowledge and familiar with court interpreting ethics.

P&A court interpreters:

  • cover a wide range of languages
  • can attend hearings in all regions
  • offer professionalism, impartiality and confidentiality.

Our court interpreters are available for both short and long-term cases throughout Greece and Europe.

P&A Interpreters means reliability: If we do not have any professional interpreter for the language combination you need, we will be honest with you and try to find someone who can best assist you in communicating at court or in another legal setting.

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Prior to booking a court interpreter, please make sure you have all the necessary details at hand including:

  • court dates
  • court address
  • basic outline of the case
  • start times
  • contact names

Do you still have questions about interpreting? Then have a look at FAQ on interpreting.