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P&A Interpreters is a professional translation agency with a difference. For us translation isn’t just about texts, documents and foreign languages – it’s about translating our clients’ business goals into success. We provide top quality translation services in a wide range of languages at reasonable prices.

The translation services we offer include:

Official translations accepted by the Greek public administration and private entities in Greece:

according to Presidential Decree 169 dated 17.06.2002 (Official Gazette 156/2.7.02) concerning «Professional Regularisation of the Translation and Interpreting degree holders of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University» and Decision ΔΙΣΚΠΟ/Φ.15/22650 of the Ministry of the Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation concerning «Acceptance of the translations performed by translators-graduates of the Ionian University by the Public Administration» (see Ministry of Interior webpage, Circular of the Ministry of the Interior on Official Translations) as well as Ministry of Education (see Circular of Ministry of Education), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ministry of Foreign Affairs -Getting married in the UK, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-Greeks living abroad) and the Ministry of Finance (Directive by AADE), translators who are graduates of the Ionian University are entitled to perform official translations for public and private entities.

Also for the acquisition of the Greek citizenship by adult foreign citizens following their graduation from a Greek University or higher education department or faculty, foreign certificates must be officially translated by either the translation office of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the related Greek consulate of the country issuing the certificate, or by a Greek lawyer or a translator graduate of the Ionian University and not by any translator or private individual (see related docs).

Also, our translations are accepted by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Center (NARIC, DOATAP) as shown in the attached pdf documents of the homepage of the organisation’s website (see related documents and here last paragraph: “8. The official translations of the above justifying documents (save for those in Greek, English or French) are performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the local Greek consulates, a translator graduate of the Ionian University or a lawyer based in Greece[…]”.

Official translations to submit justification documents to the SUPREME COUNCIL FOR CIVIL PERSONNEL SELECTION (ASEP) or for public procurement invitations to tender:

thanks to our multi-year experience in the sector of official translation we collaborate with lawyers and can offer official translations of the documents you wish to submit to the Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (see ASEP website), for public tenders or to other entities .

Official translations within the EU:

According to the EU Regulation on Public Documents (Regulation 2016/1191, Article 6(2)) if the authorities of the receiving EU country require a certified translation of the public document presented by the citizen, they must accept a certified translation made in any EU country.

Official translations to submit documents to foreign countries (EU, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia):

Maria Petrocheilou, founder and manager of P&A Interpreters, is a full member of SYDISE and PEEMPIP, which in turn are members of the International Federation of Translators (FIT) and the European Association of Legal Interpreters and Translators (EULITA). As a member of these Associations she can offer official translations in Greece, as well as abroad, including the EU, USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

For more information on official translations see FAQ on translation.

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