Technical Equipment


The use of special technical equipment, i.e. simultaneous interpreting booths, interpretation system and a microphone system, are necessary for providing simultaneous interpreting services. The interpreter must have a direct, unobstructed view of the room and the speaker (podium) and at the same time be in a soundproof environment in order to listen to the speaker’s voice clearly without any interference. This is of outmost importance for both interpreters and conference participants, since different factors may affect the interpreter’s performance and distract the participants from listening to the speakers because of inappropriate technical equipment.

The necessary technical equipment for simultaneous interpreting includes the following:

1) Interpreters’ booths

2) interpretation system

3) microphone/room audio system (of the venue)

4) technical secreteriat


For short visits to plants, hospitals and similar institutions or remote on-site visits, or short visits (lasting up to two (2) hours), we propose the use of simultaneous interpretation without an interpreter’s booth via bidule or a suitable tour guide system strictly or for a duration up to 2 hours and with a limited number of participants (around ten).

This type of simultaneous interpreting should be avoided due to the innate difficulty of producing the requisite high quality of interpreting and also because it results in considerable brain fatigue and increases the cognitive load for interpreters as a result of the lack of a suitably insulated space in which the interpreters can work, and due to aggravated acoustic conditions.

According to  Code of Practice of the Hellenic Association of Conference Interpreters it is not permitted to use bidules or tour guide systems in venues where an interpreters’ booth and interpretation system for simultaneous interpreting can be installed and for events in conference venues that last more than two (2) hours.

What must the conference organiser pay attention to?

The conference organiser must always check whether there are the built-in booths in the venue.
They must also make sure the built-in booths are suitable for work (clean, allow eye contact with the interpreters and have the appropriate technical equipment). If there are no booths, mobile booths must be rented. Although table-top booths are available on the market, they are not recommended for reasons of inadequate sound insulation and lower sound quality both for interpreters and event participants and in any case they should not be chosen if more than one booths are necessary for the event.
Clearly by offering suitable work conditions for the interpreter, you guarantee the best possible communication quality.

P&A Interpreters only works together with reliable audiovisual equipment rental companies and is ready to undertake that part of the organization if you so wish. By giving you an all-inclusive price offer, which includes both interpreting services and simultaneous interpretation equipment, you save both time and money. Thanks to our long-standing experience we are able to propose the best possible solution in order to guarantee high quality of the technical equipment proposed.

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